Posted by: Yosef B. | July 3, 2013

Microsoft Lync – Tips & Tricks

As a new user to Microsoft Lync – I went looking for tips & tricks to help me use it more productively. Here are some of the top tips that I have come across.

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Set your Profile picture
Conference Calls
Virtual Lobby
Set reminder for when someone is free
Check coworker’s status
Record conversations for later review
Keyboard shortcuts & other tips

Set your Profile picture

To set your profile picture:

  1. Open up “Options” by clicking the little cog wheel on the top right of the Lync window
  2. On the left hand side, select “My Picture” (I selected the “Show a picture from a web address” option & put the link to my LinkedIn profile picture. To get the link, (using Firefox but most browsers should have a similar option) open your LinkedIn profile and right click on your picture, select the “Copy Link Location” option)

Conference Calls

Easiest way to add someone to a conference chat?

  1. Simply click and drag a contact from your Lync contact list…
  2. …and drop them into your conversation window to add the person to your conference chat.


Virtual Lobby

Virtual Lobby – Next time you set up a conference call, welcome callers to a virtual Lync lobby. The lobby lets people who call in to a meeting, know they’re in the right spot. It also helps you stay in charge of who attends…and who doesn’t get in

  1. In Outlook, set up a new online meeting. On the Home tab, click Meeting Options, and select the lobby options you want.
  2. When people call in, they will be placed in a soothing, virtual lobby until you start the meeting. You can see who’s there so you can control attendance.


Set reminder for when someone is free

Want to chat with someone but they’re in a meeting? Tag them to receive an update when their status changes.

  1. Right-click a contact
  2. Click “Tag for Status Change Alerts”

You’ll be notified when his or her status changes to “Available” so you can get in touch.


Check coworker’s status

At lunch? On a phone call? In a meeting? Want to know what your co-workers are up to?

  1. Click the “Activity Feeds” icon
  2. Lync4

  3. Check the latest status for your contacts!

Want to post your own status?

  1. Click on the “What’s happening today?” bubble above your icon at the top of the Lync client window
  2. Type your status


Record conversations for later review

Want to impress everyone with how well you remember your last conversation? Record conversations for later review – you can record voice, video & web meetings. (Your chat conversations are saved automatically in Outlook in your “Conversation History” folder).

  1. Expand the more options menu by clicking on the double arrow icon (>>)
  2. Click “Start Recording”

Want to view a recording?

  1. Expand the more options menu by clicking on the double arrow icon (>>)
  2. Click “Manage Recordings”


Keyboard shortcuts & other tips

For a list of comprehensive keyboard shortcuts for Lync, visit:Lync Shortcuts

For other Lync productivity tips, visit:Microsoft Lync Productivity Tips


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